The Artifical Pain


03.04. – 07.06.2020

Contemporary Art Centre ZnakiCzasu in Toruń, Poland


April 3rd was opened exhibition project The Artificial Pain at the Contemporary Art Centre ZnakiCzasu in Toruń, Poland CSW Toruń, despite of Covid-19. 


During the quarantine the exhibition will work on-line through streams on youtube and by organization of virtual excursions.


This project has united Ukrainian artists with different views on present-day Ukraine and the events of recent history, which hurts Ukrainian society and art.


Support for the intercultural dialogue between Ukraine and Poland, with all their shared experiences and history, is one of the project’s goals. The exhibition of the works from the collection of the Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu was hosted by the YermilovCenter CCA in Kharkiv nearly three years ago. Now YermilovCenter will exhibit contemporary Ukrainian art in Toruń.


Curators: Krzysztof Białowicz, Natalia Ivanova