Nazar Bilyk. Confined Space




In his works, Nazar Bilyk explores the boundaries of the visible space through the medium of sculpture.


“Confined Space” (2010) is one of his first works that juxtaposes the artificially created transparent space with a classical feminine figure created from life. Complicating our traditional reception of the conventional image, the sculptor underscores the importance of the preconditions that define our perception of reality.


Traditional sculpture tended to tackle the spaces outside time, safe from the ravages of time. Contemporary sculpture meanwhile seems to deal with atemporal spaces, divorced from time.
To what extent can we explore the contemporary understanding of space through the medium of the traditional three-dimensional sculpture? Can we separate the interior from the exterior? Can we find and document this boundary?
Nazar Bilyk explores the boundaries of the visible that keep escaping him, remaining undefined.


Sculpture unfolds in front of us like continuous thought processes where each attempt to answer a question inevitably provokes ever new questions.

Igor Abramovych