Roman Minin «Reward for the Silence»


The name itself is intrigues with uncertainty and arouses a healthy curiosity to experience this silence on your own, to look into the box with a gift or reward. What is it? Who and with what will reward our silence these days... and what should we be silent about?


This is true for all, for each individually, or only for the author of this idea. It is clear that each one of us will reflect on what he or she is silent about and why. There is a symbol of "point of view" in the center of the composition. This is a reminder to us that the point of view seeks to control our world view, and turn it into a single point, where there will be no more discussions and comparisons, no more binocular vision, and only a narrow limited world view.

Perhaps, acquiring this point of support in your mind is the reward for the silence. But I do not want to remain silent when there is something to discuss, especially in the case of this work.


Roman Minin told me a lot about this work, I remember his search for materials that would be able to convey the association with a black obelisk, he then chose a special "Day-Night" black plastic.


Indeed there is an artistic discovery. It transforms materials of outdoor advertising into a high-grade work of art. I love this magic, this process of dematerialization. When it turns out to be something bigger than expected, when it starts to live its own life and becomes a symbol of this times.


We will all leave sooner or later, but the images, associated with us, will remain a continuation of our lives. This is the power of art, and especially of the monumental genre. Roman actualizes this genre using available modern technologies, combining them with expressive sense of rhythm of his images.

I have seen thousands of works of art in a variety of genres, in various countries, I’m personally acquainted with many artists, and I’m proud to say that Minin is one of the rare artists who manages to combine a unique authenticity, content and a powerful recognizable rhythm in his works.


Art dealer, Igor Abramovich