Nazar Bilyk "Rain"



The very name of the work, "Rain", is fairly general and conditional. A male figure with a drop on its face, raised to the sky...


Formally all is quite simple and clear. But the metaphor used here, its very content, reveals my personal reflections about human. First of all, the work is dedicated to his inner dialogue, which he has with himself, it is a kind of questioning, a search for meaning, revealing the internal unresolved issues that arise throughout the life of each of us. In seeking an answer to them he raises his face to the sky.


A drop of water is a symbol of dialogue, which connects a man with his Creator and with all the diversity of life. The form of the human figure is dictated by the simplest interpretation: it has a loose and porous structure, similar to the drought-parched ground when it greedily absorbs water. Besides, here I play with scale, making a drop fantastically large, thus prompting and reminding the person that as a part of nature, they are no more significant than an insect.


In addition to the above, this is my understanding of the gravity of human interaction with environment in their indissoluble coexistence.