Roman Minin «All for Vita»



The "Friend or Foe" performance, which Roman Minin enacted at the Manifesto in Zurich, is only a part of the project. There was, for example, a mysterious and perhaps not fully understood experiment with a walking exo-sculpture. But generally the hallmark of Minin’s works is that their meaning is not revealed immediately, but only over time, with changes in views or general context. Similar development of the "Friend or Foe" theme can be seen in the "All for Vita" painting.



In his work since 2012, Roman has created his own system of images bearing an alternative meaning, which is acquired by even the most stable associations and stereotypes, dissolving in new artistic interpretations.



The Latin alphabet, woven from "friends" and "foes", from familiar and unfamiliar typefaces, comes alive, turning into patterns reminiscent of the capital letters in ancient chronicles. But in this case, if you look closely, each of them contains hidden internal conflict, as in every one of us, the struggle of "friends and foes". "Letters are not just signs for transmission of information, they are the keys to "hostile" world. The world opens wider to those who know them. The world becomes "friendly"; it can be done, where there's a will. This painting for me is an almost sacred motivator to learn English."



«All for Vita» -

All for Life!

Igor Abramovich, art dealer